Please make sure you are aware of the information on our Homework Page and have asked your child about the expectations.

Welcome to Room 9

31 January 2018
Dear Parents/Caregivers

Welcome to the new school year and to Room 9. I am looking forward to working with your child and trust that the year will prove to be a positive and rewarding experience for us all. My door is always open, if you or your child have any concerns throughout the year please don’t hesitate to either ring/email me or come in for a chat. My email address is:

It is my aim to provide a safe, happy and supportive atmosphere, with all students having the right to learn, undisturbed by the behaviour of others. They will be encouraged to be self motivated learners who can work productively in both co-operative and independent situations. As senior students they are expected to arrive each day organised and prepared for learning.

Throughout the year there will be many opportunities for your child to be involved in extra activities and possibly take on leadership roles within our school community. A lot can be gained from this and I recommend that you encourage them to participate and get involved.

I will be running a “Financial Literacy” programme alongside the regular classroom programme. Children will have jobs throughout the year that they will get paid for (only on paper). They will deduct tax as well as any fines they may have incurred. Bonuses will be given out as incentives and rewards for positive behaviour. At the end of each term there will be an auction and the children can use the money they have accumulated to bid on items.

More information about what’s happening in Room 9 throughout the year will be posted on our class wiki. Please join us on our learning journey at

A separate notice is included outlining homework expectations.

I appreciate your support and look forward to meeting you.

Kind regards,
Karen Edwards

Helping your child at home with their maths

This link will take you to a section on the NZmaths website that has resources for helping your child at home with their maths.

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Our School Website

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