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31 January 2018

Dear Room 9

This is an outline of what I expect for homework this year, so that you, your parents and I are all clear about the expectations. The homework tasks are designed so that everyone can complete them at their own level. If you are working hard and doing your best, you are a winner in Room 9!
  • You should know, or be learning, your basic addition and subtraction facts up to 20, and be able to recall them with speed. You should learn your multiplication tables so that you can recall them accurately. You will have a maths homework sheet to complete each week (once the free homework books arrive).
  • Some of you will have directed reading homework. I expect that everyone will read silently, or with an adult, for at least 20 minutes every night. Most of you will have the opportunity to make your own choices about reading material eg: library books, journals, magazines, newspaper etc. You need to record your daily reading in the back of your homework book.
  • Each week you will have 10 spelling words to learn from your group list. Your words will be tested at school on Friday.
  • Occasionally you may have homework related to our Topic Work or you may need to complete work not finished during the day.
  • Each week, on your current events day, you are expected to have prepared a news article for ‘Current Events’. You can use the newspaper, Waimea Weekly, Leader, TV news or a news website like www.kiwikidsnews.co.nz or www.stuff.co.nz
You will present this orally to the class and your written summary of the key points (who, where, when, what, why/how) will be displayed on your blog. Remember to include your opinion and the source you used, as well as a glossary explaining any difficult words. You could include a link to the news article online, a map, a picture or a news video.
  • During Terms 1 & 2 you will make one “Book of the Week” presentation. This will require research, organization, time management and neat presentation. You will make an oral presentation as well as an information poster about a book you have read and enjoyed. Your poster will go on the “Book of the Week” board in our room.
Some ideas to help you…..
Introduce the book (title, author, illustrator)
Share some of the story (catchy beginning, some action,
favourite part, sad part, etc)
Talk about the illustrations (do they fit the story?)
Discuss the characters
Share your opinion of the book
Act/dress as one of the characters
Give the book a star rating out of 5 stars
Make sure you present your wall display neatly and make it
interesting so that everyone will want to read your book.
  • You will also make one “Author of the Week” presentation. This will involve the same format as the Book of the Week but the focus is on one of your favourite authors. You are required to make an oral presentation and a wall display about your author.
Some ideas to help you…..
Who is your author?
Why did you choose them?
Tell us about their life
What types of books do they write?
Why did they become an author?
Where do they get their story ideas from?

This framework is flexible enough to give you time off, but as you can see there is always a ‘little’ homework to do.
If you’ve got any questions or are worried about your homework we can have a chat about things.
Please share this letter with your parents.

Yours sincerely
Mrs Edwards

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